Sunday, November 13, 2011

Someone you Should Know: Jean Hartnett

The Dance Workshop Presents
"Someone you Should Know"

Jean Hartnett
Tap & Jazz instructor at Jo's Footwork Studio & The Dance Workshop

“I believe dance is a beautiful form of physical self expression. The more ways we can express ourselves, the better."
–Jean Hartnett
After teaching dance for over 20 years, Jean Hartnett has learned the ins and outs of technique, physical expression, and choreography, and has relayed the importance of these mechanics to her students. Her teaching began after her mother opened her own dance studio; Jean thought it would be fun to get involved. Before performing with several small modern and improv dance companies and indie art projects throughout Chicago, Jean studied tap, ballet, jazz, modern, pointe, and even a little breakdancing from a wide array of teachers for over 16 years.  Bob Fosse, Keith Elliot, and her older sister, Mari Jo Irbe, all acted as mentors and helped guide her along the way. Jean loves performing modern dances, taking tap class, and teaching jazz class. Currently Jean teaches jazz and tap at The Dance Workshop and Jo’s Footwork Studio. Jean is most excited to explore new choreography with her students throughout the upcoming year.
Dancers need to understand that some days are easy and some days are hard, just keep going and you will see how strong and talented you have become. If you’re a dancer just starting out, relax, have fun, and enjoy the moment. “
-Jean's advice to dancers of all ages and levels
Jean has a passion for good food and playing video and board games. Oh and don’t try getting a hold of her via text or social media sites- she does not do either!

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